Kailh Sockets

Kailh Sockets


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Sold in packs of 10

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Kailh Sockets:

  • The Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets are sold in packs of 10. They make every compatible board such a breeze to work with, never do you need to worry about having to swap your switches, it’s as easy as pulling them off. You can now change your switches in a blink of an eye without much effort if none at all.



  • The Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets are made to work with MX style switches on compatible PCB’s or cases such as many of the cases made by ProtoCases. Don’t try to use them on hardware that doesn’t specifically support them as in most cases, it will not work.


What’s included:

  • For every pack, you will receive 10 Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets seated in their original plastic spool holders in order to protect them during shipment.

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Option :

MX, Choc


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