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  • Please read the installation advice and Keyboard compatibility !
  • The Flexyl-Universal (Flexyl-Univ for short) is a custom-designed PCB aimed at making Dactyl keyboard building faster and easier
  • Originally made for Dactyl Manuform Mini, it’s also mostly compatible with the other Dactyls – check the notes under
  • Uses standard 1n4148 diodes, through-hole or SMD (1206 format)
  • 6 columns, 4 rows, plus two bottom added keys for Dactyl Manuforms
  • Breakable down to 5 columns, 3 rows if you want a smaller keyboard
  • A lot of soldering pads for the rows and columns, for easier DIY


Keyboard compatibility:

  • Dactyl Manuform and Dactyl Manuform Mini: up to 6 columns, 5 rows (incl. partial row). The thumb cluster is compatible with the Mini version only
  • Dactyl: up to 4 columns, 4 rows. The thumb cluster is not compatible. The outer 2 columns are not compatible, you will need to use amoebas and cut the PCB.
  • Other Dactyl versions: as long as they use the original plate and switch distance as the Dactyl Manuform, should be fine (not guaranteed). Contact us for further inquiry


What’s included:

  • 2 PCBs for the columns
  • 2 PCBs for the Dactyl Manuform Mini thumb cluster


Installation advice: https://hid-technologies.github.io/Bastyl-DIY-instructions/



  • Q: Are you going to make the PCBs bigger ? For a 6 rows dactyl for example
  • A: Yes, we are working on it.


  • Q: Are you going to make a hotswap version?
  • A: Yes, we are working on it.