Dactyl Manuform Kit

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Dactyl Manuform Kit



The Dactyl Manuform keyboard set is regarded as one of the most ergonomic and comfortable to use computer keyboard out there. It features a curved design which facilitates your finger movements. It is naturally tilted and split in half in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries such as ulnar deviation.

At HIDTech we want to give access to ergonomics to as many keyboard lovers as possible, so we worked hard on a consistent DIY kit offer.


For this, we designed our own custom Dactyl Manuform version, which includes exclusive features such as:

  • Screw-in plates for a tight fit
  • An audio jack hole (rather than RJ)
  • An all-around more tough design
  • Flush wooden plate
  • Optional acrylic plates for underglow effect
  • Space for single-switch hotswap PCBs, for a quick and hassle-free build



  • This split keyboard set is printed at a very fine quality, using the filament colour of your choice
  • Every product we print goes through a very strict quality control and we don’t hesitate to reprint the parts that are sub par
  • We take care of every step of the process, from design to final product, from printing to machining the plates – to make sure you get the highest quality possible


What’s included:

  • Two Dactyl Manuform cases, with a 6 by 5 layout (one for each half)
  • Two plates, for the bottom of the cases. You can choose between Flush Wood, or Acrylic with Wood if you want an RGB glow. Please note that choosing Acrylic with Wood plate will add ~ 5mm to the total height of the keyboard
  • All the screw inserts and screws you will need
  • An audio jack to use as connection inbetween the two halves
  • Kompacted single-switch MX PCBs, for easy wiring and hotswap —- OR exclusive PCB ???
  • Wires
  • 2 * elit-C
  • 62 * 1N4148 diodes, SMD 0805
  • 62 *MX hotswap sockets
  • An USB cable
  • An audio cable to connect the two halves


Tools you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Hotglue gun to make sure the PCBs stay tight.


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