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This run of the Bastyl will ship est. end January


The Dactyl keyboards are regarded as one of the most ergonomic and comfortable to use computer keyboard out there. It features a curved design which facilitates your finger movements. It is naturally tilted and split in half in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

At HID Technologies we want to give access to ergonomics to as many keyboard lovers as possible, so we worked hard on a new type of Dactyl: the Bastyl.


Custom Design

  • The Bastyl was designed from the ground up – case, PCB, qmk software
  • Every choice that was made was carefully thought out to ensure an elegant and refined keyboard
  • The case is unique and has been refined over multiple tests to offer a solid and beautiful keyboard
  • The custom flexible PCB is the first of its kind, we worked on multiple revisions of it to bring you a product of excellent manufacture and easy to install


No compromises on quality

  • Printed with high-quality PLA
  • Solid Torx screws and over-the-top ribbon cables
  • High-quality custom designed PCBs
  • Very strict QA process – we check each case and don’t hesitate to re-print it if it has the slightest defect


Made for DIYers

  • The keyboard is easy to build and service, and comes with a detailed build guide
  • Comes pre-flashed with custom VIA compatible QMK firmware, easy to modify
  • Backwards compatible with all future upgrade kits


Constantly pushing for ergonomics

  • We are constantly pushing the boundaries of ergonomic keyboards and improving our product
  • Upon order, you will receive the newest version of our design with all the latest improvements
  • We publish some of our designs in open-source – check our github


Feature list

  • Split ergonomic keyboard
  • 3.5mm serial port
  • USB-C connector
  • Pre-flashed with QMK
  • Elite-Cs, custom flexible PCBs
  • Printed with high-quality PLA
  • Opaque midplate (you can also chose to remove it)
  • M4 Torx screws


What’s included in the DIY Kit

3d printed components:

  • 2 Bastyl cases
  • 2 mid plates
  • 2 bottom plates
  • 6 MCU adapters

Custom PCBs:

  • 2 Kolumns PCBs
  • 2 Thumbs PCBs
  • 2 Blinky / Elite-Cs

Electronic components:

  • 58 diodes
  • Cables
  • Flat ribbon cables
  • Heat shrink wrap

Screws, nuts and others:

  • 4 M4 20mm torx screws
  • 12 M4 10mm torx screws
  • 4 M4 nuts
  • 12 heated screw inserts
  • 2 audio jacks


Assembly instructions


What you will need to procure yourself

You should already have most if not all of those if you’re a DIY enthusiast. We tried to limit the amount of tools you need as much as possible.

  • M4 Torx screwdriver (a flat head also works if you’re in a hurry)
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering tin
  • (optional) Cutting pliers
  • (optional) Wire stripper


  • A USB-C Cable
  • A TRRS audio cable

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